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1. Teknoplant Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

At Teknoplant, we commit to carry out our mandate in a socially responsible manner consistent with our corporate values. We recognize that we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. Our statement of commitment incorporates the following four pillars that define how we execute our commitment to CSR:

Health, Safety and Environment

We provide and strive to maintain a clean, healthy, and safe working environment.

Ethics and compliance

We conduct our business with honesty, integrity and fairness expecting the same from our customers and clients.

Employees and workplace

We are committed to providing a climate that stimulates and supports employee performance and development.


We invest in our employees and encourage them to be active in their communities. We work with them to promote their personal and professional development allowing individuals and communities to thrive. We build not just a healthy work force but a motivated work force that is engaged.

2. World class safety practices

Teknoplant is committed to help people become good corporate citizens. We focus on understanding, addressing, and reducing potential risks while improving work systems, processes, and frameworks that drive employee safety.

Enhancing competency for capital facilities Project execution

Over the last several years, Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA), Construction Industry Institute (CII), Construction Users Round Table (CURT), Project Management Institute (PMI), and Lean Construction Institute (LCI) have introduced various best practices for construction execution. Teknoplant has incorporated a select few recommended methods in their Project and Construction Execution (PACE) system coupled with their innovative methods and years of diverse experience gained in the industry.

Methodology for increased productivity in construction projects

Teknoplant shares the know-how on improving productivity in executing capital facilities projects. These include systems to manage indirect costs as well as direct costs in construction execution. The process also involves In Process Verification (IPV) techniques to keep a pulse of the job and take corrective actions on continued basis.

Education and training for Advanced Work Packaging /Planning based execution

Advanced Work Packaging and Workface Planning methods are the latest techniques being advocated in North America for project execution to improve productivity, quality, and safety for the projects. Teknoplant’s implementation of its flagship product PACE also trains and educates the local craft labor, supervisors, and managers with the overall system of AWP and WFP. Industry specific information and knowledge is available to engineers, project managers, construction superintendents, foreman, and craft labor in implementing the system efficiently.

Technology systems and tools training

Besides Teknoplant’s own systems that get deployed, our approach is based on training the trainers and providing exposure to related systems that integrate into our program. We believe in proliferation of knowledge across organizational levels and enterprises all the way in to the front lines where the actual work is being performed, as innovation happens at the front line as well. A well-informed, knowledge-based worker in an organization can add significant value to the end product. We provide built in tools and methods that allow the workers to get involved in the process. When people at the front line can be heard and seen, the lessons learned can be captured and utilized more effectively.

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