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Teknoplant Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

1. Abhishek Srivastava

Principal SME for Financial Management

Abhishek is responsible for defining strategies for each of the markets within Europe and building deep relationships with customers. He is responsible for driving organization’s localization approach, driving marketing investments, and exploring potential inorganic growth opportunities.

Abhishek has held positions as an Associate Director and Senior Financial Engineer in reputable trading companies in UK and USA. His work experience spans across the financial sector as well as the software development, where he has direct hands-on experience working in technology firms.

Abhishek obtained his Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the University of Mumbai and thereafter a Master’s of Science in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago. He also completed his Post-Graduate degree (Master of Science in Finance), from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

2. Narjis Shahzad

Industry Domain Expertise: Business Management and Communications

Narjis is a business entrepreneur with over 14 years of post-graduate working experience in diverse businesses, including entrepreneurial activities for independent businesses in USA and Canada. With expertise in social media networks, background in communications and Applied Psychology for online interactions, she has been instrumental in crystalizing the concept of “Socialization of project and Construction Execution” in Teknoplant PACE system.” Her core expertise revolve around customization of social media engine tools in an industrial setting for the oil and gas, construction, and capital facilities projects.

Narjis is primarily responsible for overall program management from a client perspective and implementing Teknoplant systems to its overseas product development works. She provides leadership, competitive market information and steers company initiatives. She manages and coordinates all aspects of project delivery involving SMEs, development team, partnering entities and external resources.

With a command on business communications, she assists in preparation of project proposals, scope of work and evaluate development teams design documents. She leads the team in product development, overseas collaboration and evaluation right from concept to implementation, user designing approvals and aesthetics of site setup as well as talent acquisition for the company. Narjis also conducts trainings in leadership, technical writing and assists in strategic company liaison and partnerships.

Narjis holds a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in English literature and Psychology.

3. Dominic Rozario

Principal SME: Industrial Plant Risk and Insurance

Dominic has over 25 years of experience in Risk Management and Insurance with work experience spanning across India, Kenya, and Canada. He has worked as a consultant as part of his role in insurance companies and has been an Insurance Broker for Risk and Insurance matters for large corporations including refineries, fertilizer producers, oil & gas companies, power generation companies, railroad companies, and other large industrial corporations. Dominic has assisted clients in identifying risks and managing them in various ways including insurance placements in international insurance markets. He is a known expert in managing complex claims and recovering claims under relevant insurance policies.

Dominic is a qualified insurance professional from India (Fellow of Insurance Institute of India), Canada (Fellow of Insurance Institute of Canada), and the USA (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter – Insurance Institute of America). He is also a qualified Risk Management Professional with the Global Risk Management Institute – New York. He earned his Master’s in Communications from the University of Madras, India and Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Calgary, Canada.

4. Yogesh Srivastava

Project Management: EPC Project Execution, Construction and Technology Systems

With over 23 years of diverse experience in the industry, Yogesh is passionate about exploiting the synergy between construction, engineering, and information technology. He is currently leading WorkFace Planning in construction with an owner company. Yogesh is also the co-chair in the WorkFace planning committee (COAA) and a member and author of CII RT 272.

He has worked in leadership positions in construction, engineering management and automation involving workface planning, construction interface management, engineering management, project information management, CAD management and applications.

He has worked in diverse settings in Canada, Philippines, UAE and India in oil and gas-focused construction management, engineering and implementation of technology systems such as Intergraph PDS and Bentley. He has extensive experienced in multi-office project execution setups, site construction interface management, engineering management, managing project data and document deliverables. Yogesh holds a Master in Business Administration (International Business) from the University of Calgary and Bachelor of Engineering (Instrumentation) from the Bombay University.

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