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Teknoplant’s flagship solution PACE: Platform for Advanced Collaboration and Execution

PACE – SMART Execution & NextGen Collaboration

PACE is a cloud based solution for industrial projects for front line engagement. It offers “Socialization of Project & Construction Management™” through its people centric approach by bringing “mindfulness” in to the existing paradigm of data and document based work processes. PACE picks up from where the classical GANTT based project planning methods end. Going beyond planning, PACE allows to share, own, execute, and complete day to day activities in a highly agile, fast paced and often unpredictable environment that the industry faces during execution.

PACE is a NextGen Collaboration™ system that connects “the top floor to the shop floor“ bringing owners, contractors and the task force together on a common platform for project success. Built ground up on a social media paradigm, it engages the last man in the crew for S.M.A.R.T ™ (Safe, Measurable, Accountable, Responsive, & Transparent) Project Execution. It focuses on reducing indirect costs through systematic management of activities & dependencies and allows front line personnel to be engaged with plans, estimates, and engineering from the corporate office or the construction management team at site. It speeds up schedules, cuts costs, promotes productivity, and enhances health and safety for the success of your project.







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