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Project Management

The works anticipated in this will involve integration of the Teknoplant Project Management Office (PMO), Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) and Supplier of Choice (SOC) contractors through the application of effective work planning. Starting with an understanding with the Management Team which defines the class of project planning and provides technical diligence for the execution on the project, this would extend to working with the Project Director, Unit Project Managers, Project Control Manager and the SOC Supply Chain Manager to ensure that EPC and SOC contractors have effective work processes and alignment with determined objectives that will be articulated within the project procedures. The works in this category will also involve the following:

  • Ensure alignment between work processes and management systems tools
  • Develop and implement an action plan for ensuring compliance to established processes by the PMO, and EPC and SOC contractors
  • Assist the engineering discipline Engineer to ensure that engineering standards and quality management systems are developed and maintained across all EPC silos
  • Liaise closely with the Project Leadership Team, other silo Project Managers, and technical and functional support to ensure that processes accomplish the intent and modify as appropriate
  • Draw on deep and broad experience of each of detailed engineering, construction, and work force planning in order to prevent and solve systematic issues

Specifically, the following items are identified within this work scope that also includes to take on Advanced Work Packaging/ WorkFace Planning (COAA & CII Recommended Practice) approach as a key strategy for its project execution:

  • Project Management Strategy and Project Execution Plan development
  • Assist in establishing Project Management team, Program and Procedures
  • Assist in Project Controls system for Estimation, Costs and Schedule planning
  • Assist in Contracts Strategy
  • Stage based (Basic Design, Detail Engineering, Construction) deliverables
  • Define sections for functional and discipline specific requirements for the Project
  • Managing Indirects on Project: Common site services, people and asset management philosophy
  • Managing Directs on Project: Work package based methods for opening, executing and closing work fronts
  • Communications, Collaboration and Interface Management for Project Participants
  • Progressive Completion and Turnover readiness
  • Management Reports and In Process Verification Program
  • Systems and Tools analysis, Integration to support the Project
  • Implementation assistance
  • Focus Group Sessions that may involve Dolf Madi and their Engineering, Procurement and Construction entities
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