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Making equipment deployment simple from single units to large scale rollouts!


  • PACE Asset/Equipment module can generate mutual and shared benefits for owners and contractors, e.g. risk mitigation, schedule reliability, and cost optimization, by utilizing industry leading practices and some break-through innovation for estimating, controlling, and managing all Asset/Equipment.
  • Whether it is heavy lifts, scaffolds, hydro test water, aggregate or concrete requests etc., the construction work activity is dependent on timely and efficient delivery of such Asset/Equipment.
  • The PACE Asset/Equipment System enables a collaborative approach for the requestor, supplier, and approver entities. It offers the project teams to use a consistent practice to plan, engage and manage a myriad of asset/equipment services that are required on a day-to-day basis during the build process using the same system.
  • The system provides real time view of day-to-day work execution thereby enabling optimization of time and resources. Utilizing this system results in an overall improvement in predictability of the desired project outcomes and has cost certainty on indirect asset/equipment.

PACE Asset/Equipment Management: Bringing Site Equipment deployment to your Console!

PACE Asset/Equipment work process includes the following stages:

Request Submission

Approvals and Sign-offs

Request Execution

Request Closeout

Historical data for Asset/Equipment

Graphs and trends



Planned Equipment Requirements

PACE Asset/Equipment Management System is able to take a download from Project Planning Software such as Oracle Primavera or Microsoft Project through an Excel based neutral file. This method reveals all the planned activities in a user friendly format that any one from a craft / foreman level to senior management level can visualize and make it actionable.

Managing Unplanned Requirements

Through this method, the system enables a few different options to create Asset/Equipment Requests that is not planned previously. The following categories of Asset/Equipment requirements can be initiated:

  • Urgent (within 24 hours)
  • High Priority (1 to 2 days)
  • Medium (in 3 to 6 days)
  • Plannable (After 7 days)

Contractor Specific Equipment requirements:

The system allows individuals to take ownership from the list of Planned Asset/Equipment requirements that they would need to avail. This Equipment needs become actionable close to the required time when triggered by the person who needs them to be fulfilled.

Equipment Dashboard

The system has a live dashboard at the Unit level that amalgamates all the Asset/Equipment requirements by type to reveal those that are in execution (current) or if they are coming up in the next 30/60/90 day view.

Asset/Equipment Request Completion

This provides a summary of communication / content posting done by the individual member in the system and its history. It also display incoming messages to the user and their profile information.

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