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AWP/WFP Work Management

Plan the work; work the plan!

Certainty in action

Teknoplant’s PACE (AWM) Advanced Work Management module provides capability for managing (EWPs and CWPs) Engineering Work Packages, Construction Work Packages and corresponding (IWPs) Installation Work Packages. The main features of the system are:

  • Bringing owners, contractors and engineering companies together under one platform.
  • Ability to gain control of work packages across the project, unit or discipline.
  • Enabling progress, tracking, monitoring, and establishing work certainty. The system gives a real time status of engineering deliveries portraying the status of activities at different levels of execution.
  • Incorporating COAA and CII model for construction Work Face Planning along with our innovative approach for reducing costs and increasing productivity.
  • Ability to place demand for support services at as scaffolding, heavy lifts and major equipment, and aggregate & concrete requirements at a package level.

Project -wide Implementation from beginning to end

Unlike commonly available applications that start and finish package management within the construction phase, PACE Advanced Work Management is designed to manage package definitions right from engineering feed and carry all the way to commissioning and start-up. The system spans a process that begins at preliminary design, continues through detail engineering into construction and finally for completion/turnovers. The system incorporates project wide, silo based or construction work area based views. Although, the system is setup on an area based work package management, it can also be customized to accept data or report by system based package identification.

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