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Work completion

What gets measured; gets done!

Never before has this statement been more applicable. When projects after projects spiral in terms of costs and delays, it becomes difficult to sustain them for long, our work completion module works as a perfect solution in such situations. Following the principles of work package management, using the basis of COAA-CII joint initiative (Refer CII Implementation Resource IR 272, July 2013), this module can tie-in to PACE - AWM or implemented independently. PACE-WCM enables project team to systematically manage work completion and getting prepared for progressive turnover of design, data, and documentation.

Implementation methodology

The system incorporates a common, discipline specific criteria for work completion that is setup based on the project requirements. These set of rules are applied to work packages as they are claimed to be checked as “Work Complete” by the contractor crew and are managed through a central repository. The status of unit/discipline specific works can be viewed by the project participants at any time through the PACE web portal bringing all this information at your fingertips. Specific business processes accompanying the attestation and approvals are part of implementing, “what gets measured; gets done.” The system can be deployed as a comprehensive suit or stand - alone modules, accordingly.

Combined deficiencies list

PACE Work Completion module also enables coordination among stakeholders such as engineering inspections, quality assurance, commissioning and start-up. It also provides one spot from compilation of deficiencies that are visible across the board to enabling a comprehensive view of the all the activities being performed. Since it doesn’t leave any room for assumptions for various functions, when works are declared “Complete” using the PACE Work Completion Module, They are TRULY COMPLETE!

Work Package storage repository

The system comes integrated with a secured data storage repository where the work crew can deposit the redlined versions/hand marked changes etc. i.e. the uncontrolled / informal record of actual works that are done by individual packages. By providing the ability to deposit completed version of work package data at the work front, it helps in creating a systematic filling spot that can be retrieved for formal turn-overs and as-built requirements at any given time.

Work Package based verification and attestation

When works are systematically tracked for completion using the PACE – Work Completion module; the feature to verify and attest contractor claimed work completion can serve not only as an audit function but also provide the basis for the downstream financial systems that accept invoices and release payments.

Import feature for system and subsystem packages

At projects where advanced definitions of System Packages (SPs) and/or Turnover Commissioning Packages (TCPs), have been made, this module has a provision to import the complete list and have the visibility for things that are coming to completion from a systems point of view. These can be sorted out by Unit or Discipline basis to correlate TCPs with Engineering Work Packages.

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