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Pace Site Services: Bringing Site Works to your Console!

  • PACE Site Services module can generate mutual and shared benefits for owners and contractors, e.g. risk mitigation, schedule reliability, and cost optimization by utilizing industry leading practices and break-through innovation for estimating, controlling, and managing all site services
  • Whether it is heavy lifts, scaffolds, hydro test water, aggregate or concrete requests etc., the construction work activity is dependent on timely and efficient delivery of such services.
  • The PACE Site Services System enables a collaborative approach for the requestor, supplier and approver entities. It offers the project teams to use a consistent practice to plan, engage and manage a myriad of services that are required on a day-to-day basis during the build process on a single platform.
  • The system provides real time view of day-to-day work execution thereby enabling optimization of time and resources. Utilizing this system, results in an overall improvement in predictability of the desired project outcomes and have cost certainty on indirect services.

The types of services that are included and can be further customized for a project are as follows:




Hydro Test Water


Snow Removal

Camp Accommodation


Office Space

Vehicle Wash

Sewage Haul

Waste Handling

Road Closure


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