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Teknoplant Media Channel

When the shop floor connects with the Top floor!

Never before has the power of the internet, television and media engines been utilized in a synergistic way to deliver context and location specific content that matters the most to the people at the front lines, construction management and project management! Teknoplant invites the heavy construction industry to embrace the next generation of advanced communication, collaboration and content sharing.

Advantages Deploying (TMC) Teknoplant Media Channel

  • Enhance the participation of the project execution team and the people at construction site all the way to the crew levels.
  • Deliver content that is generated, shared and advertised by the task force themselves & management executing the project.
  • A "green initiative" that reduces clutter and offers an attractive, aesthetic digital notice board for the project
  • Every information and content posted is authentic and validated.
  • A unique channel shared across Owners, EPC Contractors, Sub contractors and other stakeholders and brings them together on a single platform.

Teknoplant Media Channel offers the following unique features:

  • Advanced collaboration communication platform that is private and moderated channel with high level of authenticity
  • Purposeful and responsible content sharing
  • Context, project, unit or area specific content delivery
  • Based on real people belonging to various organizations working on the project
  • As versatile as your needs are! It’s user friendly and easily customizable, catering your specific needs
  • More current and immediate – communicate as soon as you need to
  • More effective - with scrolling texts, live TV, pictures and videos, potentially all playing within your screens, task force and management staff take more notice of important messages giving instant reach to what matters


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