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Health & Safety  Management

A Multi-Channel Digital Integration of Safety in Front Line Works!


PACE HSE System is a module that can generate mutual and shared benefits for owners and contractors, e.g. enhancing site safety awareness, increased participation, easy dissemination of information to the rank and file and incident management. By utilizing industry leading practices and some break-through innovation for communicating, controlling, and managing, majority of all site specific health, safety and environmental needs can be effectively managed within this platform.

PACE HSE System assimilates work process whether in a Unit or the entire site.

It includes the following stages:


Communications & collaboration


Root cause/ effects

Action items tracking

Historical data for services

Graphs and trends

Historical data for services

Graphs and trends


The types of HSE Activities that are included and can be further customized for a project are as follows:

General HSE

Toolbox Topics

Incident Investigation

Road Warnings


Emergency Response

Risk Assessments


Root Cause Analysis

Environmental Hazards

Medical, A&D testing



Planned HSE Activities

PACE HSE module is able to take a download from Project Planning Software such as Oracle Primavera or Microsoft Project through an Excel based neutral file. This method reveals all the planned HSE activities in a user friendly format that any

Managing Unplanned HSE Activities

Through this method, the system enables a few different options to create HSE Tasks that are not planned previously. The following categories of services can be initiated :-

  • Urgent (within 24 hours)
  • Medium (in 3 to 6 days)
  • High Priority (1 to 2 days)
  • Plannable (After 7 days)

Dynamically Integrate to Work Packages

The System has a unique feature where the work packages can be electronically attached to the applicable Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and vice versa.

Multichannel approach to HSE Content

The system is fully integrated with Teknoplant Media Channel to stream project determined relevant content on big screen TVs in the lunch room or to the desktops. It gives an opportunity to apply marketing and advertising principles to HSE content to enhance and improve attitude so that nobody gets hurt and everyone goes home safe.

Contractor Specific Services required

The system allows individuals to take ownership from the list of planned activities in HSE that they would need to avail. These services become actionable close to the required time when triggered by the person who needs them to be fulfilled.


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