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When it comes to energy, projects require more advanced means and methods due to their complex nature. They require robust tools that can help owners, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders to take control of day-to-day activities more effectively. There are many challenges that result in cost and schedule overruns. With Teknoplant’s PACE you can take charge of persistent challenges such as the lack of infrastructure and the safety of the environment and personnel both on site and off site. PACE now provides a cloud-based platform for management, information, processes, and people. The result is faster turnaround, decreased risk, and increased productivity.

Engage the entire team

Our collaborative platform brings both companies and their employees together on a shared platform for maximum utilization of their potential for project wide success.

PACE for Owners

Owners can now have access to a single point repository of information to be shared with EPCs, CMs, GCs, and other stakeholders, simultaneously.

PACE for EPCs /PMs

PACE enables all the right workflows and processes to be shared with the right project members at the right time for agile team work, avoiding delays and cost uncertainties. Project managers can now get the exact “pace” of work progress at their fingertips at all times to reach milestones on time, every time! With PACE’s built-in tools, project managers can easily and effectively spot bottlenecks for immediate action before it’s too late. The result is shortened turnaround times for all phases of the project from approvals to reviews and change orders. You cannot only manage planned activities more effectively, but manage ad-hoc activities as well giving you more control over unwanted problems and obstacles..

PACE for Contractors

Contractors don’t have to use multiple systems anymore. Contractors can manage documents, processes, people, and property from early stages until final delivery and maintenance using just one system - PACE.

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