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Due to the complex nature of large infrastructure projects, they seldom meet deadlines and budgets. An estimated 1 trillion US dollars is spent on inaccurate estimates, design errors, cost overruns (including indirect costs), and construction delays. PACE can be the answer to overcome all these problems, bringing visibility and more control to the entire project off or onsite.

Benefits to the entire team


PACE enables better transparency for more effective oversight to conveniently review what is happening throughout the project.

 Contractors and subcontractors

Quick access to structured communication is the key for project wide success. An easy interface makes coordination and collaboration - among contractors, subcontractors, consultants, and task force - a breeze.


PACE allows a full view of the entire project including documents, processes, models, and flowcharts to every team member according to their organizational roles. This makes it possible to locate issues right away before they could impact schedule or budget and take action accordingly.

Project managers

With the PACE system, increase your visibility with built-in tools and methods to manage day-to- day execution and compliance requirements for more productivity as well as reduced costs for project wide success.

Simplify complex projects with PACE

Whether you are building roads, tunnels, bridges, airports, or highways you require robust systems not to manage just asphalt and gravel but information and processes as well. PACE enables a single solution to manage aggressive construction and engineering schedules, safety and environmental goals, and handle day-to-day execution by bringing all stakeholders, including public and private partners, under one platform. Complete your projects on time with reliable solutions that are scalable for an increased success rate. Empower all your team members to have access to the most up-to-date information to better make informed decisions.

PACE edge - Project wide reach for increased productivity

The cloud-based architecture and intuitive social media-like interface ensures project success, enabling transparency and access to the most up-to-date versions of workflows, processes, and documents. With PACE’s ability to manage globally-dispersed teams seamlessly, you can handle more projects with fewer documents. Quick processing time leads to an overall project success.

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