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Mining in remote areas requires state of the art, industry-specific software to manage information and processes effectively throughout the project. The PACE system has been built to be aligned with COAA and CII best practices. PACE allows greater control in handling challenges, increasing accuracy, reducing errors, and spotting bottlenecks before they could impact budget or affect timelines adversely. Soar high into productivity with PACE solutions!

Cloud-based Centralized information portal

With specific information at your fingertips, you can better manage people, processes, and property project-wide with one comprehensive solution. Connect with anyone in your project at any given time, anywhere in the globe!

 Save time; start within 3 weeks

PACE allows deployment within three weeks without triggering any further delays making it ideal for pre-feasibility and feasibility project stages.

 Scale up or down

Start with 50 and scale up to 5,000 or more people with an unlimited amount of files and data.

 Measure progress and avoid surprises

With PACE system track multi-disciplinary / multi organizational progress during all stages of project. Review workflows, manage processes and activities and avoid delays and cost overruns throughout the project.

 Project wide visibility

With the PACE system, you can access a complete project record at every stage of the project. You can have visibility to all the information needed to progress through online search in a jiffy from on or off site!

 Global accessibility

The PACE system is a synergy of engineering, construction, and technology, enabling collaboration irrespective of location. Access it from anywhere at any time from the home office, on the job site, or on the move, eliminating location specificity.

PACE differentiator

More control

Have more control over documents, workflows, and processes for increased productivity all across the project.

Backed by COAA and CII best practices

Coupled with our innovative approach, the PACE system has been created based on COAA and CII best practices for increased productivity, visibility, and reduced direct and indirect costs.

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