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The old methods of generating and distributing power are being replaced with innovative methods. PACE allows you to manage risks effectively to ensure project success. Our cloud-based system manages EPCs, utilities, and developers/operators effectively for enhanced visibility and increased productivity.

Unite all stakeholders on a single platform

PACE allows you to manage information across the entire organization and assign access to the entire team based on their organizational roles in the project. It ensures that everyone has accurate and precise access to up-to-date information about drawings, processes, models, and workflows eliminating location specificity.

Be in charge at every step

PACE allows you to minimize errors ensuring visibility to the project-wide day-to-day execution of activities. Spotting bottlenecks on time prevents delays and increases productivity.

Up-to- date engineering and design information

You can streamline and track all engineering documents and processes for automatic version control allowing the right people to have access to the right information at the right time.

Global reach

As long as you have a browser and a mobile device, PACE allows you to work on projects anywhere in the world. Irrespective of the region, organization, and discipline, the system allows you to communicate and collaborate more efficiently through “the Socialization of project & Construction Execution.”

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