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PACE Learning is powered by SWIFT Learning from Gemini Performance Solutions. Gemini specializes in the field of online learning and learning management systems. Our alliance partner – Gemini Performance Solutions: 

  • Over 25 years delivering online training including occupational health and safety courses in Alberta, Canada, and the United States. Some clients that utilize our occupational health and safety training include Altalink, Atco Electric, Fortis Alberta, Canfor Corporation, Suncor Energy, ConocoPhillips, Bechtel, SNC Lavalin, and Husky Energy.
  • Our THRIL courses provide the comprehensive occupational health and safety training and support that meet the Certificate of Recognition (COR) under Alberta Partnerships.
  • As a founding partner of Safety in Schools, SWIFT Learning has delivered over 50,000 THRIL courses aligned with the Alberta curriculum free of charge since 2011 to High Schools throughout the province.


Course Development Approach and Process

Gemini uses a systems approach for identifying instructional goals, defining performance objectives, developing instructional strategies, designing instructional flow, and evaluating and validating instructional materials. Throughout development, principles of adult learning are incorporated; emphasis is placed on the relevance of the materials being presented. Concepts are reinforced through relevant examples and opportunities for structured, context appropriate practice are made available. Randomly generated competency-based questioning is incorporated. The overall goal is the development of a highly effective training program, flexible enough to accommodate a diverse target audience and ensure that the client’s requirements are fully met.


SWIFT Courses

Every SWIFT course is available cross platform, cross operating systems from the desktop or tablet to the smartphone. Courses are developed working closely with Subject Matter Experts and offer standard features including interactive exercises, extensive learner tracking, and content adaptivity. Courses adapt content based on learning objectives and our proprietary adaptive testing algorithm to assess learner knowledge prior to beginning a course. Research has proven that adaptive testing not only shortens training time but it also increases learner retention. SWIFT courses use a wide range of questions types to ensure competence and not just completion. A course map tracks progress and allows learners to navigate to any topic of interest for review or refresher training. Other features such as audio, video, pictures, links to manuals, other languages - pretty much anything can be included in a SWIFT Course.

Every SWIFT course provides a consistent and intuitive learning environment which includes these standard features:

  • Adapts individual course path based on any combination of selected instructional goals, prerequisites, and pre testing using proven adaptive testing algorithms.
  • Guides the learner through their adapted course content to ensure learning objectives are met.
  • Continuously adapts the course path as the learner progresses based upon learner performance and interaction.
  • Provides a combination of both non-linear and linear progression through the course via the arrow buttons or course map.
  • Provides a “My Path” button taking them back to their recommended adaptive course path.
  • Records extensive statistical data for the learner to review e.g. scores, amount of time spent on questions, etc.
  • Allows the learner to review their tests and view questions.
  • Provides guidance for areas of weakness as the learner progresses through the course.
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