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Online learning, services, focus groups, and workshops

The AWP PACE Learning objectives are aligned to deliver business advantage through a knowledgeable worker who can tactically apply it for Productivity Advancement and Control of Execution (PACE). The ultimate goal is to help meet COAA’s objectives of "2X the safety and 2X the productivity by 2020".

The core courses are about fundamentals in AWP and Workface Planning. After meeting this prerequisite, an individual can become a “Competent AWP Professional” by taking the relevant AWP competency course aligned to the profession of practice such as engineering, one of the many trades, technology etc. An Advanced AWP Professional status can be achieved by taking the AWP Manager's training with an optional subject in the advanced series.

Teknoplant’s PACE Learning is an integrated environment that offers a standalone learning management system for the individual learner, a SMART Orientation system for the corporate staff, and also an on demand, self-paced learning system for the busy worker in the office or the field. PACE Learning can also be implemented as an Integrated Learning & SMART Workforce solution with competency and career management modules.


Advanced Work Packaging Online Courses

The Core AWP Subjects:

AWP and Workface Planning.

AWP and Productivity and Mindfulness for Package Based Execution.

AWP and HSE.


The AWP Competent Professional

AWP for Owners.

AWP for Engineering.

AWP for Construction Contractor.

AWP for Trades and Field Coordinator.

AWP for Supply Chain.

AWP for Project Controls.

AWP for Estimating.

AWP and Technology.

AWP and Modularization.

AWP for the E & I.

AWP and Document & Deliverables Management.

AWP in Contracts.

AWP and Planning for Turnover & Commissioning.


Special Topics

AWP for Services: Scaffolding.

AWP Maturity, Leadership and Organizational Change Management.


Advanced AWP Professional

AWP Managers Training.

AWP & Productivity including Lean, Kanban, and Operations Theory.

AWP & Global Project Execution.

AWP & Enterprise Technology Plan.


Services, Focus Groups and Workshops

AWP: The Beginning to End Workshop.

AWP Onsite training.

AWP & Contractor Kick-off Focus Group.

AWP Cold Eyes Review.

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