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HSE & SMART Orientation Solution

PACE Goals: Mobilization efficiency and reduced HSE orientation time on site

  • Engage your team from day one for improved HSE, mindfulness, and productivity.
  • Zero IT foot print in the existing infrastructure.
  • 3 weeks deployment – up and running with corporate and site specific content.
  • PACE - a system that helps in online orientation, manages competencies, career planning, and knowledge sharing - all in one system!


Modules included in the solution offering:

  1. PACE Corporate & Project Overview: Online setup and conversion of existing training content.
  2. PACE Learning: Online Learning Management System.
  3. HSE Module: For collaborative HSE works to reinforce orientation and just-in-time easy access to relevant topics.
  4. THRIL library, app deployment services.


Online Orientation: Corporate & Project specific

The online learning module within PACE hosts the orientation program. Both, corporate and project orientations can be done from the same user interface. Teknoplant also works with clients to create a custom online orientation program. The online courses developed in consultation with clients can include audio, video, and/or questionnaires to give the audience a rich experience. Client provided video files can be embedded, or onsite video shooting can be arranged as well to include in the program.

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