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Achieving operational excellence

At Teknoplant, excellence is a quality attribute, inherent to its people and the corporation, independent of projects, clients or situations. We strive to deliver the best every time!


EPC experience

Teknoplant team consists of people with significant experience in the core business of engineering, procurement and construction. Not only do we understand the scope of work and deliverables of the capital facilities business, we also bring special project execution knowledge such as: working on mega projects, involving multiple contractor companies, geographically dispersed, and multi-office project executions.


Industry best practices

Teknoplant adopts work processes and methods from the “Best Practices” recommended by the following industry organizations:

COAA: Construction Owner’s Association of Alberta.

CII: Construction Industry Institute.

NIST: National Institute of Standards & Technology.

PMI: Project Management Institute.


Comprehensive implementation

Awareness of the business environment and therefore understanding the applicability of “fit for purpose” solutions is our edge. We utilize tacit knowledge from front lines while not over designing / over complicating the solutions keeping them simple and user friendly. Implementation is backed up by office bulletins, procedure and workflows with complete support and assistance. What gets measured; gets done! –

The built in system tools allow to take corrective measures before it’s too late. Our comprehensive approach is geared towards real time status of works, communication and collaboration.


Great alliances

While Teknoplant’s focus is on project execution, we have aligned ourselves with leading companies in the industry to deliver a full implementation of products and services. This includes not only our own solutions but also computing, infrastructure, document services, and expert consulting.

Some of our alliances are:

Dell | Synnex | IDOCZ | Cluster Computing

FC Background | CAD Global | CEP Construction

Execution Providers | Intellizim Corporation

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